Local Vets in Acton

For complete pet care, perfect service and modern treatments for your furry friends, visit the friendly local vets in Acton today. At the Acton Lane Veterinary Surgery, we are fully committed to providing quality care for all pet types including cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits. We serve pet owners in Shepherds Bush, Chiswick and throughout the West London area.

Veterinarians in Acton

As a business, we have been established as veterinarians in Acton for more than twenty years. Our principle vet, Dave Hodgskin, has been providing treatments since 1994 and has vast experience in across the United Kingdom and in Australia. Dave became a dedicated small animal vet in 1996 and specialises in all aspects of medicine and surgery. His assistant Veselina Trufcheva has been working as a vet for 8 years in Bulgaria, Spain and the last 5 years in the UK. This included about 14 months at one of the UK’s leading referral centres.

Emergency Vets in Acton

If your pet encounters a problem outside of our usual surgery hours, our emergency vets in Acton will offer you an appointment on a priority basis. All you need to do is contact us, inform us that the problem with your pet isn’t routine and we’ll do whatever we can to attend to your animal at the earliest opportunity.

Vets in Acton

We are here to help you enjoy owning a pet just that little bit more and to assist with all matters of pet healthcare. If our vets in Acton can provide any advice whatsoever, please call our surgery today and we’ll always do our best to provide the best levels of assistance, and the best treatments, whenever you use our services.



Vet Surgery in Acton

Visit our vet surgery in Acton today for a complete range of modern pet healthcare services delivered by a well established and understanding team. We always do our best to provide a safe, calm and reassuring environment that reduces the stress many pets (and their owners) encounter prior to treatment.

We provide medical care and surgery for all domestic pets including small animals under the expert guidance of Dave Hodgskin and Veselina Trofcheva. If we can’t offer you the services that you need directly from our own surgery, we’ll always be able to recommend an alternative service provider who can.

Pet Care in Acton

We have been providing pet care in Acton for over twenty years and our surgery is fully equipped with the latest hospitalisation and isolation facilities. The Acton Lane Veterinary Surgery is also home to modern diagnostic machines e.g digital X-Ray developing machines, blood testing machines, ultrasound technology along with our own laboratory and dispensaries.

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