We Spay and Neuter Dog at our Vet Surgery near White City

As veterinarians, we believe strongly in the welfare and safety of all dogs from the White City area. One of the services our vets actively recommend is the spaying or neutering of your canine. Not only does this type of pet care help with overpopulation, but it also has many health and lifestyle benefits for each individual pup treated.

On this page, we’ve listed some of the many reasons why spaying or neutering a dog is advantageous to owners from nearby White City.

  • Spaying can prevent your female pup from having serious health problems at a later stage, such as uterine infections and breast cancer. The latter is particularly dangerous, and results in death for up to 50% of bitches. Come to our vet surgery near White City, and we will provide protection by spaying your dog before her first time in heat.
  • Spaying also helps with behavioural issues, Non-spayed females go into heat for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, and this can bring real disruption to your day-to-day life. Constant howling, urinating around your White City home and her change in nature will trigger the attention of unneutered males within living distance of your pet.
  • The money you save by having your prized pet spayed can run into thousands. If she was to have puppies, the cost of medical care and food literally drains your wallet. For the best pet care, call us now at our vet surgery near White City. Our experienced vets will be on hand to help, and to provide you with the advice you need.
  • Neutering male dogs helps prevent testicular cancer, which is more common than you might think. For the best chance of prevention, book an appointment with our veterinarians. We’re located a stone’s throw away from White City in Acton. The right age for this type of pet care varies by breed so consult with Acton Lane Vets today.
  • An unneutered dog is more likely to display a problem behaviour in an effort to mate. He’ll want to roam which, in some cases, means he’ll try and dig his way out of your White City address and bolt. Our vets have also found that unneutered dogs display more aggressive behaviour. Call our vet surgery today to discuss neutering.

Our vets look after animals from the White City area, and our vet surgery provides the best standards of pet care at all times. Call us now on 02089926000.