What to Expect

What to Expect From Our Emergency Vets in Ealing

The veterinarians at the Acton Lane Veterinary Surgery provides animal and pet care services for clients in Acton, Ealing and all surrounding parts of the West London areas. Because we’re pet and animal lovers ourselves, we understand that some owners might feel a sense of anxiety when using us for the first time. We would like to reassurance clients in Acton and Ealing that our day and emergency vets are friendly, relaxed and very experienced in putting pets and their owners at ease.

Veterinarians in Ealing

If your pet is undergoing any type of operation, we’ll provide an instruction sheet that tells you what to do in the run-up to the day itself. On arriving at our surgery, your pet will be admitted by a veterinary nurse who will take it to a separate kennelling area so that stress is kept to a minimum. We’ll confirm your details and check that the weight we have recorded is correct. Clients in Acton and Ealing are also given the opportunity to have their pet’s blood tested by our veterinarians to ensure vital organs are functioning normally.

Microchipping in Ealing

Microchipping is one of the many different services that we provide as local and emergency vets in the Acton and Ealing areas. During most routine operations, we can perform microchipping procedures to avoid future visits and reduce the amount of stress both you and your pet have to experience. We can also clip nails while your pets is under anaesthetic. With most procedures, our veterinary nurse will give you the choice of allowing intravenous fluids to be fed during surgery to reduce the effect of anaesthetic on vital organs. Some pets may have to have a sedative injection before we can apply a general anaesthetic.

Following surgery, we’ll immediately inform you to let you know everything has been completed. As soon as your pet has recovered from the effects of the anaesthetic, we’ll call you to arrange a convenient collection time. Painkillers may be prescribed and we’ll arrange a post-operative check within 5 days. A further check may be required no more than 14 days after surgery to remove stitches.

Pet Passports in Ealing

Clients in the Acton and Ealing areas who are visiting us to organise pet passports should expect to have their pet microchipped if they haven’t done so already. Issue of pet passports also require that your pet receives a rabies vaccine at least three weeks before you are due to travel. We will also advise you on how to obtain worming treatments before your pets comes back to the UK. Pet owners in Acton, Ealing and West London should allow plenty of time prior to travelling so that any required procedures can be carried out beforehand.