Micro Chipping

Micro Chipping in Chiswick

Acton Lane Veterinary Services provide micro chipping in Chiswick for pet owners throughout the West London area. Our surgery uses safe, hygienic and humane technology and we chip your pet in the most gentle and reassuring manner possible to minimise stress. Our pet chipping services are suitable for dogs, cats and many other species.

Vets in Shepherds Bush

Once our vets in Shepherds Bush complete the chipping procedure, we register your details to a national database. In the event that a pet is ever lost or stolen, the chances of being reunited increase significantly because coded technology within the implant provides direct matches with owners and their residential addresses.

Micro Chipping in Shepherds Bush

We provide micro chipping in Shepherds Bush using sophisticated computer chips enclosed within a biocompatible glass material. This ensures that pets susceptible to allergies never have to suffer and that their owners never have to worry about the entire chip being rejected at the risk of additional cost and expense.

Vets in Chiswick

Our vets in Chiswick firmly believe that micro chipping is 100% humane and presents the most likely means of recovering a lost pet should the very worst occur. In an age where pet owners are under constant pressure to show increased awareness and responsibility, we make our micro chipping services affordable, convenient and simple.

If you would like to find out more about our micro chipping services, call our vets in Shepherds Bush today. We’ll give you a detailed explanation of the procedure involved and arrange a convenient appointment time to suit your busy schedule.

Acton Lane Veterinary Services, your friendly vets in Chiswick, are your leading local specialists for all micro chipping requirements.