Preventive Pet Care for Cats in Hammersmith

Acton Lane Vets believes that preventive health and pet care are great ways to monitor a cat’s wellbeing throughout his or her life. At our vet surgery near Hammersmith, our team of veterinarians carries out measures to prevent disease or illness from happening, and reinforce their work by providing cat owners with some additional pet care tips.

As experienced pet care specialists for the whole of the Hammersmith area, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a correct diagnosis for not just for cats, but also for dogs and other small animals. Preventive health and pet care includes treatments such as neutering, vaccinations, promoting a good diet, worm medication and flea medication.

Pet Care for Cats by Age

  • Kitten (up to 12 months) – Micro chipping, primary vaccination course, regular monitoring of growth, regular worm and flea treatments and general pet care. Available to all cat owners in the Hammersmith and West London areas.
  • Young Adult (1-6 years) – Annual health checks undertaken by our veterinarians, worm and flea treatments, dental health care, vaccinations and monitoring of diet and general health. All available through appointments at our vet surgery.
  • Mature (7-10 years) – Urine testing, monitoring of diet, annual vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, dental health, bi-annual health checks. Our vets are happy for mature cats to travel from Hammersmith for pet care at this age.
  • Senior (11- 14 years) and Geriatric (15+ years) – Annual blood tests, blood pressure tests, urine tests, vaccinations, worming and up to 4 checks a year. All undertaken at our vet surgery near Hammersmith subject to the general health of the cat.

Vaccinations are a major part of preventive health treatment and good pet care. They help to reduce the risk of disease in your cat. As established vets covering the Hammersmith area, we strongly recommend that your cat has its booster injections annually. Worming should be carried out on a regular basis too. Worms in cats are far more damaging to the feline species than they are to canines. Routine worming reduces weight loss and diarrhoea.

Micro chipping is a straightforward exercise which can be easily carried out by our veterinarians, who can conduct the procedure under general anaesthetic while neutering; something which should take place around the 4 or 5 month mark for responsible pet care and providing a more stable lifestyle for your cat in the future.

All vets covering the Hammersmith area believe that dental care and diet should be monitored to prolong a cat’s life. Our vet surgery will advise on what type of dental pet care your cat should have, and how to take care of your cat’s teeth at home. Don’t forget that Acton Lane Vets also cover the whole of West London on an emergency basis.

If you would like more advice on pet care for any animal, call our vet surgery near Hammersmith on 020 8992 6000. Our veterinarians are here to help.