Responsible Pet Care in Ealing

Occasionally, our veterinarians have to treat pets that have been mistreated by their owners. Whether it’s through poor dieting, a lack of exercise or rare cases of animal cruelty, seeing just one pet in poor shape always feels like one pet too many. Thankfully, some owners in Ealing just need some simple education from qualified vets about responsible pet care. On this page, we offer advice in our capacity as a responsible local veterinarian.

Everyone involved with our vet surgery near Ealing cannot imagine life without pets. Our in-house and emergency vets sees how pet ownership enhances the life of so many of our customers on a daily basis. Pets are family friends; they bring joy, warmth and happiness, and are loyal, devoted and wanting to please the owners at all times.

The right choice of pet is very important, and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Before choosing pet, you should consider further costs such as pet passports and micro chipping. We provide advice on everything you need to know below:

  • All pets must be fed and watered correctly, be given unconditional love, be protected and kept warm, and be treated with kindness at all times. All too often, we encounter cases in Ealing where owners have forgotten why obtained a pet in the first place. It sometimes takes veterinarians at Acton Lane Vets to put them right.
  • As a local veterinarian for the Ealing area, we have a genuine desire to carry out pet care and help you understand exactly what your pet needs. Whether it’s general advice on how to connect better with your pet, or help how on issues such as micro chipping, our veterinarians will do everything within their power to help.
  • The welfare of pets is in your own hands and, by nurturing them and showing them love, you will get that love back and then some. If you have any issues regarding pet care or ownership, please don’t hesitate to call our vet surgery near Ealing. Our vets will be only too happy to take your call and give you the help you need.

Additional Veterinary Care

Micro chipping and pet passports are available from our vet surgery, based 2 miles away from Ealing. Micro chipping is an innovative way of making sure your dog can be recognised if he or she goes missing and is later found. The chip contains information including the pet’s name, your Ealing address and our own details. Micro chipping is a service provided by any reputable local veterinarian, and the procedure is no more painful than an injection.

Micro chipping is also essential if you’re planning on taking your pet out of the UK to Europe or further afield. We also provide pet passports once we’ve carried out a vaccination for rabies, and offer further advice on which countries your pet is allowed into.

Pet passports means there’s no quarantine to consider on your pets’ return. Call now to find out more or to make an appointment at our vet surgery near Ealing.

We are one of the leading emergency vets covering the Ealing area, and we offer round-the-clock pet care every day of the week. If you feel your pet is in need of treatment from our emergency vets, please don’t hesitate to call. As a local veterinarian to the Ealing area, we will do everything we can to accommodate you and your pet as quickly as possible.

If you would like advice on responsible pet care, or if require information on micro chipping, call Acton Lane Vets on 020 8992 6000. We cover Ealing and West London.