Why Chiswick Pet Owners Should Choose Our Veterinarians

There are many reasons why Chiswick pet owners should use our vets, and 7 of them are listed below. The veterinarians at our vet surgery are experts in pet care, and can advise and help on anything from traditional treatments to pet passports and micro chipping. If you need emergency vets, we can provide you with a fast and responsive service.

We’re a genuinely local veterinarian, and cover all location in Chiswick and the surrounding West London area. Call now to discover even more reasons to use our vet surgery.

1. We’re an established vet surgery that’s been offering premium pet care for owners from Chiswick for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve shown our commitment to the many cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and small pets which come through our doors time and time again; with complete care, compassion and understanding.

2. As a local veterinarian covering the Chiswick area, Acton Lane Vets have gone from strength to strength by providing animal owners with effective pet care and treatment during very stressful times. All pets that come to our vets are treated with the utmost respect, and are made to feel as comfortable as possible.

3. We are emergency vets, and we understand the need for pets to be seen as quickly. Being a local veterinarian to the Chiswick area, we go the extra mile to try and get your pet into our vet surgery as quickly as possible with a 24-hour service. If you are in need of emergency vets, call now and we’ll provide the most responsive pet care.

4. Pet passports are needed if you would like to take your dog or cat abroad with you. We can provide you with the appropriate details and vaccinations, and can register your pet at out vet surgery near Chiswick. All pet passports are issued once your animal has received a rabies shot and been micro chipped (if it hasn’t already).

5. Micro chipping is a simple, effective process to provide animals with their own identity. If you’re pet hasn’t been chipped, make an appointment to see one of our veterinarians. We can carry out this process with the minimum of pain and fuss. Micro chipping helps owners reunite with pets lost or stolen in Chiswick.

6. All pet care is carried out in conjunction with the owner’s consent. We will only ever recommend a course of action if your pet is poorly rather than force them upon you. Our vets only ever have your pet’s best interests at heart and, as a genuinely local veterinarian, we offer Chiswick pet owners the very best advice available.

7. If you would like your pet to see the same veterinary surgeon on each visit, this can be arranged. As some animals react badly to strange surroundings, we like to offer pet care that makes them relax as quickly as possible. Using the same person at our vet surgery near Chiswick makes perfect sense, and will help your pet feel at ease.

Call our vet surgery now on 0208 992 6000. Our vets cover Chiswick and the surrounding areas with treatments, pet passports and micro chipping.