Answering Questions on our Vet Surgery in Acton

Acton Lane Vets provides local veterinarian services for animal owners in Acton and across West London. On this page, we answer concerns about micro chipping, pet passports, pet care and emergency vet issues to help you understand a little bit more about what we can do for you and, most importantly, how we treat your pet.

How does micro chipping help my pet?

Micro chipping is a safe, permanent way of providing your pet with its own ID, and the procedure is carried out by qualified vets at our surgery in Acton. Identifying a lost or stolen pet is made simple thanks to a readable chip implanted into the body. This is made through a simple insertion between the animal’s shoulder blades, and is a very routine procedure.

Does micro chipping hurt?

No, not any more than an injection. Once inserted, your pet won’t be aware of its presence. All pets must undergo micro chipping if they are being taken abroad or being brought back into the UK. If you are going abroad with your pet, our vet surgery in Acton is able to supply pet passports which enable easy passage between countries operating stringent checks.

What should I know about taking my pet abroad?

Services relating to pet passports ensure we advise you fully on what you need to do before travelling. The veterinarians at our Acton practice can even assist you by providing rabies vaccinations which are part of the pet travel scheme. You will also need to have your pet wormed before re-entering the country. For more details, call our vet surgery in Acton.

Are you emergency vets?

Yes. Emergencies run alongside our normal day-to-day services and we provide cover as emergency vets within a wide radius of our vet surgery in Acton. Call us as soon as possible and we’ll try and fit you in immediately. Let one of our veterinary team know what’s wrong and we’ll offer immediate help and pet care including immediate advice over the phone.

Do you recommend pet insurance?

Pet insurance is essential in our opinion. The cost of pet care can be expensive but, with pet insurance, many of the bills picked up when you bring your pet to see us end up covered. You never know when your animal may need treatment and, if insured, you’ll always have access to the best vets in Acton and a complete range of services from our vet surgery.

Why should I have my pet neutered or spayed?

You could need neutering or spaying for health reasons, or to stop your pet having puppies or kittens. We have listed a number of reasons on the White City page of this website on why you should have your pet neutered or spayed. If you would like further advice now, call our vets in Acton today and we’ll do our best to help you over the phone.

My pet is overweight. What do you recommend to keep his weight down?

As a local veterinarian, we recommend preventive health care and advise you on what will keep your pet healthy, full of vitality and clear from heart, liver and joint problems. Regular exercise and a good diet are always the best ways forward but give Acton Lane Vets a call if you’re concerned and we’ll go through the different pet care options with you personally.

Are all your veterinarians experienced?

All veterinarians at our surgery have years of experience between them and our principle local veterinarian and surgeon, Dave Hodgkinson, has been working at our vet surgery since 1994. Your pet is in very safe hands when you bring him or her to Acton Lane Vets and thanks to our many years of experience, you’ll be in the safest possible hands too.

If you have a question not listed, call Acton Lane Vets now on 02089926000. Our vet surgery can advise on pet passports, micro chipping and treatments.